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Cold Storage

XPS extruded board is ideal for cold storage insulation materials used in construction, the product features: excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, exceptional durability performance The relative humidity inside the refrigerator is bigger, most of the cold storage of relative humidity above 80%


basic depends on the thermal insulation material and the service life of cold storage humidity in the environment in the long term durability, so it requires heat preservation material should have exceptional durability and high humidity environment still maintain the excellent insulating performance.

The excellent performance of steam trap, low water absorption

Method of ning, XPS extruded plate has very low water vapor permeability and water absorption, at low and high humidity environment, the thermal resistance and there is no change, at the same time, low water vapor permeability greatly reduced the incidence of internal condensation water wall. Moisture can seriously affect building thermal resistance and other physical properties of insulating material and the following icon shows the moisture of building thermal insulation materials thermal resistance (R value) and the impact of compressive strength. Method of ning, XPS extruded plate excellent water resistance, can effectively reduce the effect caused by moisture

Main advantages:

Persistent and very low thermal conductivity

Good moisture resistance, freezing-thawing resisting cycle performance excellence

Temperature coefficient of the deformation is small, easy to segmentation processing on the construction site, and to facilitate and fixed at the grass-roots level

High compression strength, long-term creep decrescent, suitable for high load on the ground or floor

High water vapor permeability resistance, no rot, good durability

Do not send out toxic or smell of food pollution substances

Meet the requirements of national building fire prevention design basis

Feininger XPS heat preservation system of cold storage walls and columns structure diagram

High fire rating: Feininger XPS sandwich board core material can achieve B1, B2 fire rating

To save energy: Feininger XPS sandwich board, multilayer composite form of wrong layer bite, ensure the sandwich board has a lower K value and higher heat insulation performance
Environmental protection: Feininger sandwich board, use process without harmful substances volatile, more won't decompose or mildew, good corrosion resistance

Convenient installation: Feininger XPS sandwich board, installation simple and quick, not easily affected by the weather project schedule, so installation time 3 times faster than the traditional building materials. At the same time, the sandwich board structure span larger, supporting structure is relatively simple and lighter

Cost effective: Feininger XPS sandwich board, short time limit, save manpower, machinery and equipment, installation time, transportation cost and maintenance cost, can more significantly reduce operating costs in the future

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