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Exterior Thermal Insulation

External wall insulation, is by the polymer mortar, glass fiber grid cloth, flame retardant polystyrene foam board (EPS) and extruded plate (XPS) materials such as composite, thermal insulation, waterproof, finishes, and other functions in one.


Good effect:

Because heat preservation material in the outer edge of the building external wall, can basically eliminate parts of cold and hot bridge building. Can give full play to the light of new efficient insulation heat preservation can, relative to the insourcing mild sandwich wall thermal insulation wall, under the condition of using the same thermal insulation material, need the thickness of the insulation material smaller, to achieve high energy saving effect.

Improve the indoor environment:

Building exterior insulation improved the wall heat preservation and heat insulation performance, reduce indoor heat conduction losses, increase the indoor thermal stability. Also to a certain extent, prevents the weathered rain and snow on the outer wall of water, improve the performance of wall of moistureproof, prevent the interior of the mould, condensation, the phenomenon such as cold. Then create the comfortable indoor living environment. In addition because the shop is stuck on the wall of the lateral insulating material and avoid the volatile harmful substances in the heat preservation material of the indoor environment pollution.


On the outside of the building thermal insulation layer, greatly reducing the nature, such as temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation on the influence of the main structure. Especially because of the effect of temperature on the structure, heat bilges cold shrink can cause building part of the building periphery the structure component of cracking, using external wall thermal insulation technology can reduce the temperature inside the structure stress.

Scope: architectural exterior insulation applies not only to the north to the construction of winter heating, can also be applied to the southern air conditioning buildings need summer heat insulation. Applies to both brickconcrete building external wall thermal insulation, can also be applied to building energy conservation transformation.

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