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Interior Thermal Insulation

Feininger new within the external wall thermal insulation system is made up of polystyrene gypsum composite insulation board and special auxiliary materials of new type high efficiency of exterior wall thermal insulation system. The system can achieve energy-saving and one-time wall medial plasterbo


Feininger polystyrene gypsum composite insulation board

Feininger polystyrene gypsum composite insulation board is the method of gypsum board and Feininger company production of a new type with special infrared absorbent foam polystyrene insulation board, ink, by the Feininger factory compound and into a new type of composite insulation board.

Product specification

Feininger polystyrene gypsum composite insulation board length is 2400 mm, width 1200 mm, the thickness of gypsum board is 9.5 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm, the ink thickness of grating can be 20 mm to 80 mm.

The main advantage

Combined with the excellent properties of EPS and XPS insulation composite panels

Feininger polystyrene gypsum composite insulation board structure and EPS, excellent dimensional stability, reduce the risk of thermal insulation layer deformation due to temperature change

Can be used to direct stick type cover

Heat resistance performance and XPS insulation composite panels are similar, compared with EPS thermal insulation composite plate thickness is small, less occupy interior space.

Compared with general EPS has better fire resistance

Compared with XPS has better dimensional stability

The system characteristics

Composite insulation board factory composite molding, a paste construction site, use only the method of joint system. For composite insulation board in online processing factory, quality assured. The process and material is simple, fast, flexible, easy to operate, easy to control. Composite insulation board complete with smooth surface straight, low technical requirements to install a worker to install, in the indoor environment construction, is not affected by climate, also need not scaffolding, etc.

1, indoor dry work, is not affected by the weather, the continuous operation.

2, good shock resistance.

3, small, indoor temperature changes in system no crack, long service life.
Work for more than 

4, operation, high efficiency, shorten the construction period.

5, operating surface height is small, do not need to the scaffold.

Scope of application

1, this system is suitable for various civil and industrial building exterior wall insulation, especially is suitable for both the construction energy conservation transformation. Wall at the grass-roots level can be reinforced concrete, concrete block and porous brick or concrete porous clay brick walls, etc. Used for sand aerated block, masonry surface treatment of interface agent should be done.

2, using this system as the heat preservation, suitable for building fire resistance rating for first and second level, the combustion performance is difficult flammability, B1 level.

3, the system may not be used in outdoor environment, should not be used for vibration, high temperature, such as corrosive medium in the work environment of the industrial building, if you want to use should be strengthened and protective measures.

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