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Recycling Pelletizer

- Feininger under water pelletizing system

- Design science, stable pressure


Feininger  under water pelletizing system, design science, stable pressure, the temperature control precision, the unique template design ensures the ideal thermal insulation, effectively solves the temperature and water temperature difference is too large for template plastic particles caused by condensation and empty, and prevent the melt in the export of die hole "setting", and because hardly fluctuate process of granulation, the process is very reliable, more effective in reducing heat loss by 95%.

  • No Load Speed 220V/50Hz
  • No Load Speed CE certificate
  • No Load Speed No Load Speed: 2700r/min
  • No Load Speed 1 pair carbon brushes
  • No Load Speed Variable speed
  • No Load Speed 1 pc chuck key
  • No Load Speed Forward and reverse, Lock-on switch , Hammer fuction
  • No Load Speed 1 pc side handle
  • No Load Speed 13mm chuck
  • No Load Speed 1 pc depth gauge
Key features

Feininger is rather low density, XPS extrusion moulding, whereas our production line has high compressive strength and reliable quality! Gear box and the scientific design of low power motor! Low energy consumption. As method NingGe in extruded profile production experience, we can provide our clients with free training and technical guidance, avoid detours!

This kind of products is plastic products, its mature processing technology and superior product performance, determines that the market price of products is much lower than the market of various wood materials. Moreover, its installation is simple, convenient, which can greatly reduce the installation of labor costs. The XPS/cornice production line and XPS pipe production line are a better alternative of the same products manufacturing equipment in the existing market.

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