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The importance of thermal board in floor heating


Oct . 2023
More and more floor heating​ is used in home decoration. In addition to the superior thermal performance of floor heating, energy-saving floor heating can also make you more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

More and more floor heating is used in home decoration. In addition to the superior thermal performance of floor heating, energy-saving floor heating can also make you more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Many friends often sigh that their heating costs are relatively high. Floor heating insulation has a lot to do with it. In daily work, everyone pays attention to boilers, pipes, etc., but few people pay attention to the quality of insulation boards. In fact, the energy saving of floor heating is not only related to floor heating equipment and heat sources, but the use of related auxiliary materials can also ensure the high efficiency of floor heating. , Extruded board is the most critical part to ensure the energy saving of floor heating. Excellent extruded board can improve energy saving by 10-15%.

thermal board in floor heating

When the weather is too hot, we will turn on the air conditioner, and then close the doors and windows, just to prevent the cold air from the air conditioner from going outside. The same is true for the thermal insulation layer of the floor heating. It is like a door, which firmly locks the heat delivered by the floor heating indoors.

thermal board in floor heating

It has a good function of preventing heat conduction and reducing heat exchange. On the one hand, it keeps the internal heat of the object from being lost, and on the other hand, it shields the external heat and transfers it to the interior, preventing the heat from penetrating into the downstairs through the floor, thereby reducing the operating cost of the floor heating system. In the same way, if the wall is insulated, it can prevent the cold air from entering the room in winter, and prevent the heat from entering the room in summer, so that whether you use floor heating in winter or air conditioning in summer, you can save energy and electricity. From this we can see that , No matter what kind of comfortable home system is used to change the indoor temperature, Good thermal insulation materials play a vital role in saving energy.

thermal board in floor heating

If the floor heating insulation board laid under the insulation pipe is of good quality, the heat generated by the floor heating pipe will be prevented from being transmitted downward, so that the heat storage layer and the ground material will be heated faster, and eventually the heat will penetrate the floor and enter the room. Especially when the wooden floor is laid in the room, although the thermal resistance of the wooden floor is large, the thermal insulation board has a stronger ability to hinder the heat transfer downstairs and will not cause heat loss.

If a poor-quality insulation board is used, the heat will flow to the place with low resistance. After the heat generated by the heating pipe is subjected to the thermal resistance of the wooden floor, it will be transferred to the downstairs through the insulation board, which will cause cause the room to be heated for a long time but the temperature will not rise. On the surface, it can operate normally, but it comes at the cost of a high increase in energy consumption.

Floor heating is a complex and meticulous system. If any kind of floor heating material is defective, the quality and use effect of the entire floor heating system will be greatly reduced. When purchasing floor heating, in addition to the price, the quality of the auxiliary materials buried under the floor is also a thing that should not be underestimated.

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