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TPU Underwater Pelletizer


The main machine of TPU underwater granulator is extruder system, which is composed of extrusion system, transmission system and heating and cooling system. Extrusion system: extrusion system includes screw, barrel, hopper, head and die. The plastic is moulded into an average melt by an extrusion system and is continuously extruded by a screw under pressure established during the process.

The thermal relative edge formwork technology of the TPU underwater pelletizer system can constantly heat the material carrier, and the thermal relative edge technology does not allow the melt to "condense" in the die hole. And it is not sensitive to pressure fluctuations in the extruder, making the pelleting process very reliable and more efficient. In addition, our designs are simpler and our water treatment and drying systems operate more efficiently. Continuous filtration process water quality, lower maintenance costs. The design of the dryer has no blind spots, all the filters are quick disassembly, and the TPU underwater granulation machine makes it easy to change the material and color. The complete underwater pelleting system can be easily adapted to different production strips to increase production flexibility.

TPU underwater granulation process realizes automatic granulation, convenient operation, good particle quality, and has lower energy consumption and production cost and larger production space advantages than traditional strip granulation. The underwater granulator can be used for a large number of polymers, and is more suitable for low viscosity or adhesive polymers. Suitable for TPU, PP, PE, PS, TPE and other elastomers, masterbatch filling, chemical raw materials and modified granulation and cutting.

Key features

Feininger underwater granulation system, scientific design, stable pressure, accurate temperature control, unique template design to ensure the ideal insulation effect, effectively solve the temperature difference between temperature and water caused by the template due to condensation and cavitation caused by plastic particles, and prevent the melt in the exit hole "shape", and because the granulation process is almost no fluctuation, the process is very reliable, The heat loss is more effectively reduced by 95%.





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