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ETPU Foam Particles

- ETPU, polyurethane thermoplastic foam particles, has been recognized by the industry as "magic particles" since its birth.

- In 2007, it was developed by adidas and BASF in cooperation, namely BASF InfinergyTME-TPU; And in 2013, adidas used this material to develop a springback, shock-absorbing running shoe Energy Boost.

- Boost was a global hit when it first came out, and people affectionately called it "popcorn."


ETPU has a wide range of applications. In addition to being a high-quality sole material, ETPU has gradually been used in many fields such as sporting goods, leisure and fitness, and furniture in recent years. In many applications, anti-yellowing agents are used extensively in high-quality ETPU finished products, especially in white and light-colored products. The new TPU foam material with high resilience foam particles obtained by changing the structure of TPU is called ETPU (Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) popcorn material, the full name of "high resilience lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer". It is a new type of polymer material composed of numerous lightweight TPU foam pellets with full elasticity, and is currently the most elastic foam particle on the market.

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