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EPP Foam Granules

- The full English name is Expanded Polypropylene, and EPP foam material is also widely known as arpro.

- Is an excellent performance of high crystalline polymer/gas composite material, with its unique and superior performance has become the fastest growing environmentally friendly new anti-pressure buffer packaging and thermal insulation materials.


EPP is used in more and more fields. EPP has been widely used in the packaging industry, especially in the packaging of export products, and has become an irreplaceable packaging according to the requirements of environmental protection. Because of its non-toxic and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microwave heating. IT products, electronic communication equipment, liquid crystal display, plasma color TV, precision electronic components, precision instrumentation, etc., have begun to use EPP as packaging materials, and another particularly important application field is in the automotive industry, high-speed rail, Marine ships and other fields of large number of applications.

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