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XPS Sandwich Board with FRP Layer

- XPS Sandwich panel with FRP is a composite building material, which is also called as the XPS composite board. It consists of a sandwich of two layers of FRP with the Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulating foam board as the core part. Panel surface layers are FRP layers.

- We also have different core insulation material such as the PU or PET or GXPS according to clients’ requirement.

- Meanwhile, we also have different layer material such as the PVC or wood according to clients’ requirement.


①. Excellent thermal insulation performance for the XPS ≤0.035W/m.K
②. Safe fire performance (B1/B2/B3 level)
③. Lightweight and versatility
④. Good mechanical strength
⑤. 100% no asbestos
⑥. Easy to cut & install

Key features
XPS Sandwich Board

It is suitable for woodworking nailing, spray painting, home decoration and other pneumatic operations

  • XPS board thickness


  • FRP layer thickness


  • No Load Speed 220V/50Hz
  • No Load Speed CE certificate
  • No Load Speed No Load Speed: 2700r/min
  • No Load Speed 1 pair carbon brushes
  • No Load Speed Variable speed
  • No Load Speed 1 pc chuck key
  • No Load Speed Forward and reverse, Lock-on switch , Hammer fuction
  • No Load Speed 1 pc side handle
  • No Load Speed 13mm chuck
  • No Load Speed 1 pc depth gauge
Types of Producible Products

①.XPS sandwich panels can be used for wall panels and roof panels in refrigerated warehouses because of their thermal insulation and corrosion resistance.
②. XPS sandwich panels can be used in the box of cold chain transport trucks.
③. XPS sandwich panels are often used in the field of compartment panels of shelters, RVs and refrigerated vehicles.


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